A War Veterans Organization
“America: Home of the Free
Because of the Brave”

WELCOME to the National Defense Committee. NDC is a War Veterans organization as defined by the Internal Revenue Service. Our mission focus is on matters that impact upon War Veterans, veterans affairs, and veterans issues as they relate to veterans programs, national defense, homeland security, and national security. Core issues of current involvement include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Military absentee voting and military voting rights : NDC is working hard to insure that the rights of our men and women in uniform are not only protected, but also counted.
  • Supreme Court of the U.S. “Stolen Valor” Amicus Brief: Perhaps one of the worst forms of identity theft is when those who have never served in the Armed Forces wear a military uniform they never earned and claim military ribbons and medals they never received, and then claim these honors as their own. NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE has joined a broad group of military and veterans organizations in support of an Amecus Brief filed with the Supreme Court of the U.S. in DEC 2011 that states our rationale for why such actions should be against the law and prosecuted to the fullest extent.
    • CLICK HERE to see a complete copy of the Amecus Brief.
  • Military Urgent Need For New Antibiotics To Save The Lives of America’s Wounded Warriors: Bad Bugs [also called “Super Bugs”] in the medical world have an incredible ability in nature to keep evolving in order to survive, and each time they do, they are able to kill people if there is no antibiotic available that can stop them. And that is exactly what is happening in the U. S. Armed Forces, where our wounded men and women are being saved from their injuries on the battlefield, only to later die as their wound-induced weakened immune systems are infected with a bad bug called Acinetobacter, and nicknamed “Iraqbacter” for the troops of the Iraq War that have been infected, and there is no existing antibiotic that will kill it. This bug has now spread beyond the military medical systems and hospitals into the civilian medical hospitals, where it is also killing our sick kids and parents/grandparents. Congress is now considering legislation, called the GAIN Act, to address this problem and incentivize the pharmaceutical industry to do the necessary research and development, but as of DEC 2011, that legislation has not even been called for a vote, much less passed. NDC intends to put major focus on this matter in 2012 as it is an immediate danger that is now killing not only our wounded military men and women, but our children and elderly grandparents.
    • CLICK HERE to view ARMY TIMES article of 12 DEC 2011 describing this problem.
    • MILITARY MEDICAL THREATS: Keeping Pace – Protecting Our Troops and Our Population by Incentivizing Antimicrobial Research and Development – 26 September 2011 – Click HERE to view the article
    • CLICK HERE for Congressman Gingrey’s Dear Colleague Letter for CoSponsors of the GAIN Act
    • CLICK HERE for Article: Congressional Effort to save military lives Needs Your Support AND Congressional CoSponsors
    • CLICK HERE for House Armed Services Committee Memo of 6 DEC 2010 RE: Need for Antibiotics to Save Military Lives
    • CLICK HERE for latest Pew Charitable Trusts Survey on URGENT NEED for new Antibiotics
    • CLICK HERE for National Association for Uniformed Services Article supporting GAIN Act for new Antibiotics
    • CLICK HERE for MILITARY MEDICAL THREATS: U. S. Military statistics showing over 3300 U. S. Military infected since 2004 because of not having an antibiotic that will kill the new SUPERBUGS
  • NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE Strongly Supports Legislation To Care For the Clark Veterans Cemetery in the Philippines Where 8800 American Military Veterans and their families are buried: The Clark Veterans Cemetery in the Philippines has been funded by the US Government from 1898 till the USA was unceremoniously shoved out of the Philippines in 1991. But rather than take care of the American military veterans buried there, the US Government simply left them, abandoned and alone. This is NOT how we in the NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE view our American military veterans are to be treated by our own government. If our government has the money to send them off to fight foreign wars, then they darn well better set aside sufficient funds to care for those who are wounded and to care for the burial place for those who die and are buried in foreign lands. If we as a nation are not prepared to do so, then we should stop sending our sons and daughters into these wars, only to be left buried and abandoned and unhonored by their own nation. There is now a major effort afoot in the US Congress to right this wrong and to have the oversight and care and maintenance of Clark Veterans Cemetery assigned as the responsibility of the American Battle Monuments Commission, whose mission statement states “including designing, constructing, operating, and maintaining permanent American cemeteries in foreign countries”, and to be held accountable for so doing. Full details on the following website: www.cvcra.org Join NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE [NDC]and The Military Coalition [TMC] and the National Military & Veterans Alliance [NMVA] in our efforts to make this happen by contacting your Congressman and both Senators and asking them to support these efforts through Senate Bill S2320 and House Bill HR4168. The fact that these American military veterans have been left abandoned and their graves untended since 1991 is a national disgrace and an act by the US Government that brings shame upon all of us.
    • CLICK HERE to view the Military Coalition [TMC] letter of 2 May 2012 to Senator Kelly Ayotte in support of Senate Legislation to care for Clark Veterans Cemetery
    • CLICK HERE to view the Association of the U.S. Navy [AUSN] Letter in support of Clark Veterans Cemetery!!!
  • Military reemployment after active service: NDC has placed a strong value on helping prior active duty members with continuing their professional lives after their time of service is done. For information about this program please contact:
  • The Solomon Amendment: NDC is taking an active role in seeing that the Solomon Amendment is enforced. We believe that Military recruiters should not be denied access to college campuses. This is a serious issue that is being tested on college campuses all around the country. For information about this program please contact:
  • Internships/Fellowships For Military Veterans:NDC is committed to a special program of funding and providing Internships & Fellowships for America’s Wounded Warriors at various federal agencies and on Congressional Staff with a view towards credentialing them so they can qualify for federal service employment and a lifetime career. For information about this program please contact:
  • Recognition of persons supportive of these programs: NDC is proud to recognize those in Congress that shows their support of our Military. Not only by introducing/supporting legislation, but also taking a strong stand in support of pro Military issues. For information about this program please contact:
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