Domicile of Military Spouses for Voting and Taxation Purposes

November 15th, 2005

This article was first published on Reserve Office Association website.

Q: I have found your “Law Review” articles on the Reserve Officers Association (ROA) Web site, (Click on “Legislative Affairs” then “ROA Law Reviews.”) I have read with great interest your articles about military voting rights, especially Law Reviews 3, 43, and 109, concerning the domicile of military personnel for voting and taxation purposes. I would appreciate it if you could elaborate concerning the perhaps different considerations that apply to military spouses like myself.

My husband graduated from high school in a small town in Florida in 1976 and then reported to the United States Naval Academy for “plebe summer.” In 1980, he graduated and was commissioned a second lieutenant of Marines. We met in 1981, in California, where he was stationed at the time, and we married in 1983. In the last 23 years, I have accompanied him all over the United States, as he has moved up the ranks to Colonel. When he deployed overseas, I stayed in the United States with the kids.

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