Military Spouse Voting in Virginia – Problem Solved

June 15th, 2006

This article was first published on Reserve Office Association website.

In Law Review 204 (November 2005) and Law Review 0603 (February 2006), I addressed the problem that some military spouses have encountered in Stafford County, Va. That county’s registrar of voters has sought to prevent military spouses from registering to vote, and has sought to challenge the voter registrations of some of those already registered on the grounds that they do not have the intent to remain in the county for an “unlimited time.”

The registrar figures that military spouses are not eligible to register and vote because they will be moving along when the Active Duty spouse retires or moves to a new duty station. He only asks military personnel and spouses to “prove your intent to remain for an unlimited time” as a condition precedent to registering to vote.

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