The University Military & Veterans Organizations Outreach and Networking Program

The NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE is contacted regularly by college and university military organizations and associations asking how they can become involved in one or more of our programs.  We are also contacted by college and university officials asking how they can form a student military association or veterans organization or group that would provide the military veterans on their campus with an organizational structure and networking capability with veterans on their campus or the ability to network with such veterans organizations on other campuses.  In answer to this growing level of requests, NDC implemented the University Military & Veterans Organizations Outreach and Networking Program to provide an internal framework at the NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE in order to address and mentor these organizations, as well as to be responsive to the colleges and universities that do not have an existing veterans or military student organization.

Through this structure, NDC is now supportive of these organizations and able to form a closer relationship that facilitates these students becoming involved in NDC programs if they wish, while not having NDC as any official or formal part of their local campus organization and thus NDC not having any responsibility for operations or administration and not desiring to have any role in how the local organizations are formed, structured, managed, or lead.  Campus military or veterans organizations wanting to establish a linkage and involvement with NDC need only forward a petition via e-mail

[ ] in any format requesting NDC recognition and agreeing to adhere to NDC standards for such relationship.  An attachment indicating the organizations officers names and e-mail addresses, the names and e-mail addresses of any mentors or faculty advisor[s], the by-laws or structure of the organization, and an indication as to whether the organization is or is not formally recognized by the university is all that is needed.  There are no dues or administrative fees or other costs involved with this NDC affiliation.  The advantages of such relationship with NDC are as follows:

  1. Inclusion if desired in any of NDC’s existing programs.
  2. Involvement in NDC issues as the NDC formal representative on your campus.
  3. An e-mail copy of NDC’s regular digital newsletter covering matters of interest and impact on military veterans, ROTC students, and Guardsmen and Reservists.
  4. Priority placement of applications submitted for NDC’s Wounded Veterans Internship Programs, the Congressional Veterans Fellowship Program, and all future NDC special scholarships for veteran internships and fellowships
  5. Networking among all other military and veterans student organizations that are affiliated with NDC
  6. Official linkage to the NATIONAL DEFENSE COMMITTEE website

NDC’s standards for recognition and involvement of campus military or veterans organizations are as follows:

  1. Operate in compliance with the law.
  2. Respect for military service, military traditions, military rank, military honors, and military courtesy.
  3. Willingness to interact on a voluntary basis with similar organizations on other campuses
  4. Care and compassion for fellow veterans

For colleges and universities who do not have a military or veterans student organization at present, but DO have a veterans support office or a person on staff who oversees veterans matters, we will be pleased to place that individual or individuals on our digital newsletter e-mailing list so they can receive our newsletter and remain current on veterans matters that impact on students.  Simply request to be added to that list by sending an e-mail so stating to