Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey

Admiral James J. CareyRear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey is Founder and Chairman of the National Defense Committee.  The organization was formed during the 1990’s to address military, defense, and veterans issues of significance which were not receiving sufficient attention from the established military and veterans organizations.  The first programs to be identified and structured into National Defense Committee operations concern Military Absentee Voting, Veterans Re-employment Rights, and Military Recruiter Unobstructed Access to College Campuses.  All three of these program areas are well-defined in the law, yet each continues to have all too many problems because either the law is not being followed or is being violated outright.

Admiral Carey began his military career in 1962, assigned to the Guided Missile Cruiser U. S. S. TOPEKA [CLG-8], where in addition to the thousand-and-one duties assigned all junior naval officers, he was also given the collateral duty of Military Voting Assistance Officer and saw firsthand the problems associated with military absentee voting, particularly related to ships at sea for long periods of time without regular mail delivery as they were in the South China Sea during the Vietnam War.  Later during Operations DESERT SHIELF and DESERT STORM in Iraq, when he commanded READINESS COMMAND SIX during that war, he again saw some of the same military absentee voting problems that he had experienced some 30 years before in Vietnam and which remained unrepaired, but this time with the added issues of veterans re-employment rights and the associated problems as his troops returned from Iraq and could not get their old jobs back.  The final area, Military Recruiter Unobstructed Access to College Campuses, has been on-going for years, with U. S. colleges and universities receiving tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in Department of Defense research grants and funding, yet many of them refusing to allow military recruiters to be present on campus to talk with students interested in a military career.

National Defense Committee progress in each of these areas has been on-going and steady.  National Defense Committee has now become a recognized expert in each of these areas, thanks in large part to their strong corps of experts and professionals who serve in each of these core areas of focus.  Admiral Carey has written numerous articles for on these and related issues and he and National Defense Committee Directors and Senior Fellows have appeared on numerous TV and radio talk shows to present NDC’s views.  The Admiral and his colleagues have also been asked to testify before the U. S. Congress on these matters  and they are regularly consulted by Congressional Staff and other federal agencies concerned with the laws governing these matters and legislation being formulated to correct deficiencies in those laws.

Admiral Carey is not new to these issues nor to being involved on the national stage with regard to these and a broad range of other issues related to national public policy in America.  He served in the Reagan and George Bush Sr. Administrations as Chairman of the Federal Maritime Commission.  He has served on the Board of Directors and/or as elected Chairman or National President of no less than 14 national and international organizations.  He is the current National Co-Chairman of THE FLAG & GENERAL OFFICERS’ NETWORK, Chairman of The Future Leaders for America Foundation, Chairman of The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation, Chairman of The Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation, and Grand Master of the Knights Templar International.  His work with these organizations has him regularly involved with all levels of the U. S. Government, the Congress, the United Nations [in Special Consultative Status], numerous foreign embassies, and with a broad range of defense, military, veterans, and homeland security organizations.  Admiral Carey retired from the Navy in official ceremonies held at the historic Washington Navy Yard in 1994, with the Chief of Naval Operations personally serving as the Senior Ceremonial Official.  His personal awards include four awards of the Legion of Merit.

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