Military Voting Rights

Military Voting Rights and Military Absentee Voting are one of the very first programs that the National Defense Committee [NDC] became involved with in the late 20th Century.  Our Program Director, CAPTAIN [Ret.] Sam Wright, JAGC, USN is THE Premier Leader in this field and has been for 30 years.  And our Senior Fellows, Bob Carey and Bryan O’Leary, are both Former Staff Members in the U. S. Senate and know this subject backwards and forwards.  NDC took on this effort because all of us involved had experienced problems in the military voting systems over the years and during our uniformed service, and yet year after year and decade after decade, it just doesn’t seem to get fixed by anyone in authority to do so.  Indeed, our greatest frustration occurs each time any of us reads President Harry S. Truman’s message to the Congress re: Military Voting Rights, in the early 1950’s, based in large part on tremendous problems encountered with military voting during World War II and the Korean War—– and seeing that MUCH of what President Truman told the Congress back a half century and more ago remains unresolved and unaddressed and unrepaired to this day.  So for that and a hundred and one other reasons, the primary reason being that “it’s the right thing to do”, NDC took on this program as one of our most important efforts, and it remains so to this day.  We continue to spend time on these issues every day of the year, and we are regularly called upon to appear on TV and Radio Talk Shows as “subject matter experts”, to testify before the U. S. Congress, and to write articles and OP-ED’s that outline, clearly and easily understood, the continuing problems with ensuring our military men and women are absolutely guaranteed the opportunity to vote AND to be ensured that their vote WILL BE COUNTED.  We invite any and all who have an interest in these matters to join us in this important mission.   Please contact us via e-mail at:

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