Military Re-Employment Rights

One of the saddest events that can happen with regard to military service is when an American military man or woman is called to battle and leaves home and hearth to go fight for their country, only to return home and find that the civilian job they left has been filled by someone else, and is no longer available to them.  Or that others subordinate to them when they left have been promoted over them while they were gone fighting the war.  And worse yet, is when the employer taking these disgusting actions is an agency or department of the United States Government.  Don’t believe us???   We hear all too often of this happening to employees of the U. S. Government.  Now in this case, we do give credit where credit is due, and in our opinion, the U. S. Congress has given this matter it’s attention and passed a law known as USERRA in order to establish the re-employment rights of our military men and women and then protect those rights while they are off fighting for our nation and upon their return.  Here again, our Director of this program is one of THE MOST WELL KNOW EXPERTS in USERRA law, Navy CAPT [Ret.] Sam Wright, JAG Corps, USN, who in fact helped to write some of the early veterans re-employment legislation when he was an employee at the U. S. Department of Labor.  CAPTAIN Wright heads up all our efforts in this area, and we encourage anyone who has interest in working with us on these issues, to contact him at