Recruiter Rights to Access on Campus

Also known under the title of  “the Solomon Amendment”, named after Congressman Solomon who championed the legislation to prevent this from happening.  What the legislation says, summarized in plain English, is that colleges and universities that accept federal grant funding and federal research funding are not allowed to obstruct or prevent access by military recruiters coming to their campuses to speak to students who have an interest in learning about military service.  Unfortunately, as all too often happens, what the law says, and what happens on college and university campuses where some feel the law does not have to be adhered to, is that there are still colleges and universities who ARE provided with federal grants and research funds who STILL illegally prevent military recruiters from unobstructed access to their campus.  And the fact that there exist circumstances where these laws are not being followed is, in part, why NDC is involved in these matters and works to promote enforcement of these laws by the U. S. Department of Justice.  We are fortunate to have as our Director of this program, Navy Commander [Ret.] Wayne L. Johnson, who worked on these matters during his active duty days in the Navy’s JAG Corps, and has continued his involvement since retirement through NDC and our efforts to ensure these laws are enforced.  We welcome any and all who wish to work with us on these issues.  You may contact Commander Johnson at