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Military Veterans Fellowships Alumni Listing

The following listing is intended to provide a chronology of the military veterans that have graduated from our Military Veteran Fellowship Programs in Washington, DC. The purpose of these programs is to provide qualified military veterans with a pathway to a future career by serving as a Fellow in Washington, DC, either on Congressional Staff or at federal agencies or in national public policy organizations or military/veterans associations. Full details on how to apply and participate in these programs are available through the link on the bottom of this page. These programs are available in partnership and cooperation between the Admiral Carey Foundation [ ], the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs [ ], the Good Samaritans of the Knights Templar Foundation [ ], and their and our donors, supporters, contributors, mentors, and advocates. The growing success of these Military Veteran Programs are the direct result of these organizations and American citizens giving back to American Youth who have served them, at the risk of their lives, with honor, courage, and patriotism.

Sergeant Kevin S. Powell (United States Marine Corps)
Kevin and Sadie Powell Kevin Powell in Iraq Washington Scholars Class of 2010

Aurora Foundation Chair for the Study of National Intelligence Services

Fellowship Service
: Staff of the Assistant Secretary of Defense,
The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Education: University of North Carolina at Wilmington (2011) Major: Business Management Minor: Middle East Islamic Studies.

Military Schools: Amphibious Reconnaissance School, Mountain Survival Evasion Resistance Escape (SERE) School, and Squad Leaders School at the Advanced Infantry Training Center.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program has exceeded my expectations and provided me opportunities that I would not have been able to receive anywhere else which will play a vital role in helping me achieve the career I desire.

Military/Veterans Background: I deployed three times to Iraq, one with a special operations riverine unit and the other two with the First Battalion, Second Marine Division, Second Marine Regiment, Alpha Company. Most notably I fought in “Operation Phantom Fury” the battle for Fallujah during my first tour to Iraq in 2004, and after that I fought in just about every city of the Al Anbar Province to include Ramadi, Hadetha, Iskanderia, Heat, and Rutbah (among several others). Awards: Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal with combat distinguishing device “V” for Valor and the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal.

Future Plans: I will return to UNC to finish my undergraduate degree, and then plan to continue my service to our country as I seek a career path in the Defense or Homeland Security field.

George J. Brunner (United States Navy)
George Brunner George Brunner Washington Scholars Class of 2010

The Michael Frieman Chair for the study of the National Budget and Fiscal Obligations

Fellowship Service: Staff of the Air Force Sergeants Association Headquarters, Suitland, Maryland

Education: The George Washington University (2010) Major: Political Science; Westchester Community College (2008) Major: Paralegal Studies (Honors Program)

Military Schools: Engineman “A” School

Washington Scholars Fellowship: The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program recognized my potential and brought me into their network to enhance my leadership skills, provide training and mentorships, and find me a suitable internship. WS provides the building blocks towards a rewarding life in public policy. The advanced political courses, guest speakers, and socials with influencers and prominent policy-makers provide us with an edge in a competitive market.

Military/Veterans Background: My military journey began in Illinois at Recruit Training Command. After “boot camp” I attended Engineman Class “A” School at Naval Station Great Lakes. Graduating top of my class with honors distinction I was given choice of orders and assigned to the U.S. Seventh Fleet aboard the USS John S. McCain (DDG 56) in Yokosuka, Japan. Post-military I lobbied for the New GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program in Washington, DC. While attending The George Washington University I co-founded a chapter of Student Veterans of America, “GW Veterans,” and served as spokesman. Awards: Battle Efficiency Ribbon; Navy and Marine Corps Achievement Medal (Operation Noble Eagle).

Future Plans: Inspired by my successes in student government, I matriculated to GW with ambitions to begin a career in national public policy. When government is simplified and each dollar is applied to maximum effect, people’s confidence in our public institutions is greatly enhanced. God willing, I will one day make that kind of difference as a servant of the people.

Sergeant Troy M. Carter (United States Army)
Troy Carter Troy Carter Washington Scholars Class of 2010

The Admiral Carey Chair for the study of National Defense and Homeland Security

Fellowship Service: United States Senate as the Defender of Freedom Fellow for U.S. Senator Max Baucus

Education: American University in Cairo (2011) Major: Political Science specializing in Middle East Politics

Military Schools: U.S. Army Advanced Infantry Training, U.S. Army Air Assault School, Army Marksmanship Unit’s Squad Designated Marksman Instructor Course, U.S. Army Emergency Medical Training, Combat Lifesaver Course, Javelin and TOW ATGM Gunners Courses, GPR Mine Detection Course.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program has given me the opportunity to expand my service to our Nation and bring my military experience to the legislative process. With the support the program gives me I am confident that I’ll achieve my goal of working on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Military/Veterans Background: In 2003 I deployed to Afghanistan with Charlie Co., 2nd Battalion of the 87th Infantry, 10th Mountain Division. My unit and I conducted combat operations in such locations as Asadabad, Ghazni, and Kandhar. After my refit and reassignment in 2005, I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq with the 2nd Battalion of the 22nd where I was able to train and lead the soldiers of the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Division, Iraqi National Army, in disrupting anti-coalition forces in and around eastern Baghdad.

Awards: Combat Infantryman Badge, Army Commendation Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and the Good Conduct Medal.

Future Plans: I will return to AUC to finish my undergraduate degree, and then plan to serve our country as a congressional aide on National Security, Homeland Defense, and Veterans Policy.

Staff Sergeant Peter J. Nesbitt (United States Army)
Peter Nesbitt Peter Nesbitt Washington Scholars Class of 2010

The Admiral Carey Chair for the study of National Defense and Homeland Security

Fellowship Service
: Office of Senator John Thune: Intern, U.S. Senate, Washington, DC

Education: Georgetown University (2011) Major: International Politics Minor: Asian Studies.

Military Schools: Defense Language Institute – Basic Korean Course, Warrior Leadership Course – Distinguished Honor Graduate, Basic and Advanced Signals Intelligence Analyst Courses.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program has supplied in-depth educational opportunities beyond my Senate internship. They have consistently provided quality speakers and events that have sharpened my skills and augmented my internship experience that better prepare me for my future career.

Military/Veterans Background: I spent over three years stationed in South Korea working a variety of intelligence assignments utilizing my Korean language background. I also worked in an advising capacity to the South Korean military at Special United States Liaison Activity Korea (SUSLAK). During that time, I was selected NCO of the Year for the 501st MI BDE and runner-up NCO of the Year for 8th US Army – Korea. Awards: Joint Commendation Medal and Army Commendation Medal (two oak leaf clusters).

Future Plans: After completing my undergraduate education this coming year, I will continue pursuing a public policy career in National Security or Defense.

Corporal Scott A. Burton (United States Marine Corps)
Scott Burton Scott Burton Washington Scholars Class of 2009

The John V. Bock Chair for the study of Homeland Security in the 21st Century

Fellowship Service: Center for Legal and Judicial Studies

Education: Northwestern University (2009) Majors: History and Political Science.

Military Schools: Primary Marksmanship Instructor (PMI) School, Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel (TRAP) School, and Cold Weather and Mountain Warfare Operations at the Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, California.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program provided me with the opportunity to work with lawyers who are undisputed experts in their fields of study. I was also fortunate to receive personal mentoring from Military Law and National Security experts along with former Attorney General and Senior Advisor to President Reagan, Ed Meese. My experience at the Heritage foundation was invaluable and will undoubtedly contribute to my success in the legal profession.

Military/Veterans Background: I served in the U.S. Marine Corps as a Non-Commissioned Officer and Infantry Squad Leader. With 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines, I deployed to Asia in 2002 as part of the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and then again to Kuwait in 2003 to participate in “Operation Iraqi Freedom.” After reaching Baghdad, my unit settled in the city of Ad Diwaniyah and provided security and sustainment assistance such as training local police officers, constructing schools, and strengthening the local economy.

Future Plans: I will begin law school at the University of Virginia, and by participating in the UVA Law Veterans Pro Bono Program, I plan to assist Veterans in need of disability benefits before the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. After law school, I hope to practice criminal prosecution.

Captain Bo Prosch (United States Army)
Bo Prosch Bo Prosch Washington Scholars Veterans Fellow (Fall 2008)

The Stephen Hartwell Chair for the study of Congress and Governance

Fellowship Service: United States Senate (assistant to the Defense Policy Advisor for Senator John Ensign)

Education: Wake Forest University (Army ROTC, Distinguished Military Graduate)

Military Schools: U.S. Army Infantry Officer Basic Course, U.S. Army Airborne School, U.S. Army Ranger School, U.S. Army Air Assault School

Washington Scholars Fellowship: As a WS Scholars Fellow, I gained the tools and more importantly, the access, to locate, compete for, and secure a permanent congressional staff position in the United States Senate. Without the Washington Scholars program, I would not have gained the invaluable expertise and know-how for navigating an effective job search on Capitol Hill.

Military/Veterans Background: Three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Infantry officer in the 82nd Airborne Division.

Future Plans: Continue serving in the office of U.S. Senator “Kit” Bond as his Military Legislative Assistant.

Captain John J. Kim (United States Air Force)
John Kim John Kim Washington Scholars Class of 2007

Admiral James J. Carey Chair for the Study of Congress and National Public Policy

Fellowship Service: US House of Representatives, Office of the Sergeant-at-Arms

Education: University of Massachusetts at Amherst, BA – Legal Studies (2002), Boston University, MA – Criminal Justice (2011)

Military Schools: Security Forces Officer Course, Air and Space Basic Course, Creek Defender Pre-Deployment Training, Combat Lifesaver Course
Washington Scholars Fellowship: My internship allowed me to continue learning about the field of law enforcement/security, while making some key contacts along the way. The invaluable information that I gained as an intern made for a seamless transition into the federal civilian world.

Military/Veterans Background: Monitored and interpreted a myriad of joint and Air Force directives in executing all installation security and police services at Minot, ND (AFSPC), Aviano, Italy (USAFE), and BIAP, Iraq (CENTCOM). Directed forces to provide security for 50 Minuteman III ICBMs and associated Protection Level 1 facilities, including over $350 million USSTRATCOM/national defense assets, located across 8500 square miles. Commanded a 60 man security force in a deployed environment in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom- worked closely with the US Army Military Police in securing and transferring several hundred detainees. Air Force Commendation Medal with 1 oak leaf cluster.

Future Plans: Continuing to serve as a federal law enforcement officer.

John P. Renninger
John P. Renninger John P. Renninger Washington Scholars Class of 2007

The Steve Hartwell Chair for Legal and Judicial Studies.

Fellowship Service: Reserve Officers Association

Education: University of Washington (2008) Major: Accounting

Military Schools: United States Navy Officer Candidate School (Pending)

Washington Scholars Fellowship: The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program provided me with an invaluable skill set that greatly contributed to my education and professional experience. My time as a WS Fellow and at the Reserve Officers Association increased my interest in service to my country. I know that the experience gained as a WS Fellow will benefit me during my service in the Navy.

Military/Veterans Background: Selected as an Officer Candidate in the United States Navy

Future Plans: Receiving a Commission in the United States Navy.

Jonathan Sih
Jonathan Sih Washington Scholars Class of 2006

Admiral James J. Carey Chair for the Study of Congress and National Public Policy

Fellowship Service: Office Congresswoman Judy Biggert
United States House of Representatives, Washington, DC

Education: University of Texas at Austin (2006) Major: Government and Politics

Military Schools: United States Air Force Officer Training School (Pending)

Washington Scholars Fellowship: The Washington Scholars Fellowship program launched my professional career and gave me the foundation to become an effective intern and subsequent Congressional staffer for the Congresswoman. The skills I learned through Admiral Carey and my peer mentors allowed me to take my skills to the private sector as a lobbyist for non-profits. I am proud to give back to the program currently as the Director of Operations and summer softball coach.

Military/Veterans Background: Selected as an Officer Candidate for the United States Air Force.

Future Plans: In the near-term, I am focused on earning a commission in the United States Air Force as a Second Lieutenant. I look forward to serving our country and fulfilling the needs of the Air Force in either a rated or non-rated career field.

Ensign Ryan Tully (United States Navy)
Washington Scholars Class of 2005

The Admiral Carey Chair for the study of National Defense and Homeland Security

Senate Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)

Fellowship Service: Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Manpower & Reserve Affairs)
The Pentagon, Washington, DC

Education: Syracuse University (2004) Major – Political Science; George Washington University (2007) MA – Legislative Affairs; Naval War College (2011) MA – Strategic Studies

Military Schools: Naval Basic Intelligence Training (NBIT); Joint Maritime Operations (Naval War College); Strategy & War (Naval War College); National Security Decision Making (Navy War College)

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program allowed me to get the experience and training to being my career in national security. I continue to use the knowledge, skills and abilities I learned during my fellowship in my job today.

Military/Veterans Background: I received my commission from the USN on September 15, 2008 as an intelligence officer. Currently drilling with Naval Criminal Investigative Services (NCIS) out of the Washington Navy Yard. First deployment to take place in the spring of 2011.

Future Plans: I am currently the Minority Staff Director for the Senate Homeland Security Committee and Government Affairs Subcommittee on State, Local, Private Sector Preparedness and Integration as well as the Military Legislative Assistant to Senator John Ensign (R-NV). I plan to continue in the capacity for the until I deploy with the USN in 2011.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Matthew Thrasher (United States Navy)
unnamed unnamed Washington Scholars Class of 2005

Stephen Hartwell Chair for the study of Maritime Expeditionary Forces in the 21st Century

Fellowship Service: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command

Education: BA-Tulane University, Cornell University (2006) Major: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies. MA-Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2007) Middle Eastern Studies (Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship)

Military Schools: Surface Warfare Officer School, Damage Control Locker Officer/Advanced Firefighting School, Anti-Terrorism Officer Level II, Legal
Officer School.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: My Fellowship with the Washington Scholars Program exposed me to issues and challenges I otherwise would not have seen
until much later in my career. It allowed me to understand the bigger picture of our National Security infrastructure and it continues to be a positive influence on my career.

Military/Veterans Background: After completing the Anna Sobol Levy Fellowship for study in Jerusalem, I joined USS LAKE ERIE on a Western Pacific deployment. During my tour onboard I served in various leadership positions and participated in Ballistic Missile Defense testing, Operation “Burnt Frost”—the shoot down of US Spy satellite 93, and two Western Pacific Deployments. Currently I am serving in the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command leading a small boat detachment in Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron Four.

Future Plans: I plan to continue my career in public policy and national security, using the knowledge and skills I learned during my time as a
Washington Scholar.

Rear Admiral [Ret.] James J. Carey, Washington Scholars Founder
Admiral Carey Admiral Carey Washington Scholars Class: No single class. Program founder and mentor to all classes since program inception.

Washington Scholars Founder, Mentor to all classes since program began

No Chair Assigned: Funds several of the Chairs for the Program through the Admiral Carey Foundation.

Fellowship Service: No specific agency assignment, but assigned to the Staff of the Chief of Naval Operations in the Pentagon: 1991-1994. Commanded Readiness Command Region SIX: 10,000 personnel, HQ at Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC. Co-Founder of The Flag & General Officers’ Network, Chairman of the National Defense Committee.

Education: Northwestern University, 1960, Bachelors Degree in Business Administration; Attended Kellogg School of Management for MBA Studies.

Military Schools: Officers Candidate School, Newport, RI; Naval War College, Newport, RI, Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA; Army War College, Carlyle Barracks, PA.

Washington Scholars Fellowship: Initially founded Washington Scholars Fellowship Program during the Reagan Administration. Upgraded and refined the program in 1999 to it’s current 10-week format. Program has grown from 1 Fellow from the University of Texas in 1999 to 33 Fellows, including 4 Military Veterans, in the Summer Class of 2010.

Military/Veterans Background: Initial service aboard U. S. S. TOPEKA [CLG-8], with service in the Vietnam Conflict. Subsequent service in Training Commands, then 12 years with the Amphibious Forces, including Commodore of Naval Beach Group TWO. Inspector General of Readiness Command Region SIX, followed by Pentagon Duty in OP-04, then service on the staff of CINCLANTFLEET, Command of Readiness Command Region SIX during DESERT STORM, and Director, N-40, Navy Logistics Plans & Policy, Staff of the Chief of Naval Personnel in the Pentagon. Retired October 1994: Total uniformed service: 33 years, 11 months, 22 days.

Future Plans: Continued service with the Washington Scholars Fellowship Program, Chairman of the Admiral Carey Foundation, Chairman of National Defense Committee, Chairman of the Flag & General Officers’ Network, and Chairman of National Defense Foundation, all with a view towards aiding and mentoring the participants in the Washington Scholars Fellowship Programs and the Military Veterans Project that is a part of the Washington Scholars.

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