Roll of Honor Patriots Recognition Program

NDC considers each of the areas we focus upon to be of importance and significance to our men and women in the armed services of the USA.  Ours is an all-volunteer organization and everyone that gives of their time and treasure to work with us does so without compensation.  We do so as our gift to the men and women in uniform, because they deserve our support and do NOT deserve to have their rights violated as they give their service to our nation, and because IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.  In addition to our work, we seek to ensure that those who work with us in support of these mission areas are recognized for that support and for their efforts.  We regularly set time aside to ensure that Letters of Recognition and Recommendations for Awards are submitted to ensure that those who so unselfishly give of themselves in these efforts are truly honored for their work.  If anyone reading these words would like to join us in these efforts and assist us in ensuring that proper recognition is rendered to those who give of themselves and their time and their treasure in support of the U. S. Armed Forces, we welcome your involvement.  Please contact us at so that you can join our “NDC Team”.