Supreme Court Legal Briefs

From time to time, because of NDC’s leadership in Military Voting Rights, Veterans Reemployment, The Solomon Amendment, Wounded Veterans Issues, and other matters having significant impact on America’s national defense, NDC is asked to become a signator to various related legal briefs to either Appeals Courts or the U. S Supreme Court. Each is carefully reviewed by an attorney familiar with NDC’s stance on various defense and veterans issues to ensure it is not contrary to our macro-policies, and if it meets this criteria and our standards, we become a signatory to the brief. The fact that most briefs to date have been before the Supreme Court of the United States has had a positive influence on NDC’s other involvements and a prima facia case that speaks to our growing credibility as experts and leaders in matters of national defense. The following are some of the cases that NDC has been a signatory in recent years: