In Partnership with NDC

futureleaders1 The Future Leaders for America Foundation

Future Leaders for America Foundation (FLFA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to prepare America’s young leaders for a career in public service through a broad-based internship program in Washington, DC.

washscholar2 The Washington Scholars Internship/Fellowship Program

The Washington Scholars Fellowship Program is able to place politically minded individuals in premier internships in government agencies, media outlets and certain non-governmental organizations. These positions offer a unique look at Washington and how the political process works from a hands-on point of view.

ajjcf2 The Admiral Carey Foundation

The Admiral has established a Trust which now holds and manages all of his assets, the purpose being that this trust structure is to oversee his estate after his death and ensure that his wife and daughters are well and properly cared for during the remainder of their lives, and that as they ultimately follow him at life’s end, there is a pre-established and structured plan to donate all of the Admiral’s assets in phases over time into The Admiral James J. Carey Foundation, Inc.

overseasmilitary Overseas Vote Foundation

Secure, nonpartisan voter services for members of the U.S. Uniformed Services and their eligible spouses and dependants