Dan Backer

Dan BackerMr. Backer is a 1999 graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst and an intended 2009 graduate of The George Mason University School of Law. Mr. Backer has had a varied career in Finance, technology, innovative & entrepreneurial firms, consulting, and over the last several years working with non-profit organizations. His recent focus has been on youth oriented leadership education and tax issues through organizations such as the Washington Scholars Fellowship program Future Leaders for America Foundation, and as an advocate for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act.

Mr. Backer, who has not served in the U. S. Military, nevertheless has had a life-long interest in matters of national defense, homeland security, and freedom. He believes that America’s Armed Forces should be held in the highest regard and is dedicated to ensuring that those who defend our nations liberty are absolutely afforded their right to vote AND to have that vote counted. Mr. Backer also believes that the rights of all Servicemen and women ought to be insured under the law – including retaining their prior employment position in the civilian world once their active military service has been honorably performed.