Lucas D. Lagera

Lucas D. LageraLucas D. Lagera was born in Portland, Oregon on November 23rd 1987. After a few short years, he found himself in Austin, Texas where he grew up around Lake Travis. While attending Lake Travis High School, he quickly gained prominence as an All-State football player, Texas’s leading rusher, and was highly renowned around the state both athletically and politically. During his senior year, he fatefully blew out his knee, losing a season his senior year and multiple athletic scholarships.

After applying to the United States Naval Academy, he was nominated by Congressman Lamar Smith (REP-TX) to the U.S. Naval Academy and the U.S. Air Force Academy. While at Annapolis, he maintained a competitive grade point average, earning Dean’s List honors, military merit awards, and high company rankings. He also continued to play football at the Division I level, but suffered more knee problems. After a year of work, he was honorably discharged on medical discourse with multiple letters of recommendation.

Pursuing a life-long dream of studying business and living in Washington, D.C., Lagera was admitted into the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University. He continued his success, quickly gaining prominence through political activities and military networking around Washington, D.C. He earned Dean’s List honors in the business school, worked on the Romney Campaign, and was twice elected as a Student Ambassador for Georgetown University. He also ran a talk radio show that earned him the highest ratings on campus. Today, he continues to pursue his dream of serving his country by applying through Officer Candidate School. With his prestigious honors, it is hopeful that his application will pass.

Lagera dreams of a strong family, big business, and a life of political action. His family resides in Galveston, Texas. His brother is a contractor to Ellora, Oil and Gas after graduating valedictorian and top of his business school at Baylor University.