David Bice

David BiceDavid William Bice was born in Lafayette, Louisiana and raised in Atlanta, Georgia.  David is currently attending Kennesaw State University in Georgia as a junior with a Major in International Affairs and a concentration in International Business.  With issues of National Defense first and foremost on his mind, David plans to help secure a safe path for our National and International interest both now and in years to come.

David participated in varsity athletics including football and wrestling in high school.  He reached the rank of Cadet Colonel in the JROTC program and was the highest ranking cadet as the Battalion Commanding Officer.  David later led the “Cadet Army Ranger/ Special Forces Team” as the cadet commanding officer, to the first victory in school history.  During his stint in the Marine JROTC, David was mentored by Retired Marine Colonel Lovingood, who as a Force Reconnaissance officer while commanding one of the greatest Marine Snipers, Carlos Hathcock.

After graduating from high school, David enlisted in the United States Marine Corps Reserves and attended Paris Island Marine Recruit Training in South Carolina.   David graduated as the company high shooter in 2003.  He completed his Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) training in Low Altitude Air Defense firing stinger missiles.  David’s unit was mobilized as a Marine ground infantry unit and deployed in support of the Iraq invasion and OIF-1.  He was re-trained in advanced urban warfare and infantry tactics and was appointed to the position of designated marksman for his platoon overseas.  Among several assignments, David participated in the first Iraqi election, and battle of Fallujah.  He was the unit spokesman during sessions with the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of the Navy.  David received several letters of commendation from both Marine Infantry Officers and Staff Non Commissioned Officers that included commendations for courage under fire.

David accepted an Internship for the summer of 2008 with the Department of Homeland Security.  After helping to secure our nation by bringing new technologies and Intelligence to Washington, David was asked to become a full time FED as a STEP (Student Employment) employee, which he accepted.

In addition to the National Defense Committee, David is involved in the Future Leaders for America Foundation, Washington Scholars (Adjunct Scholar), Congressional Veterans, Capitol Hill Club (Junior Associate) and the Georgia State Society.

David plans to enroll in the Direct Commission Program as a Naval Reserve Officer upon completion of his Undergraduate Studies.