Captain Samuel Wright Military Law Library

Captain Samuel F. Wright, JAGC, USN (Ret.)
Military Law Library

Over the past four decades, Captain Sam Wright, JAG Corps, U. S. Navy [Ret.] has become nationally well known as one of America’s premier experts in the field of military law, and in particular the laws relating to military voting rights and veterans re-employment rights.

Captain Wright is now on the staff of the Reserve Officers Association in Washington, DC, where the association maintains his entire Law Library of articles on their website for access by the American public.

We urge you to access that site now by CLICKING HERE where you can review the entire range of articles and topics and where you will receive a better and more thorough understanding of the issues involved. The nation and all of us owe CAPTAIN Wright a significant debt of gratitude for his extensive work in these areas over the years, and for his willingness to make his work available to you.

If you contact him about any of these articles or issues, might we suggest you consider starting your message by thanking him for all he has done over the years to help so many who experience problems and roadblocks in their attempts to comply with the law.