Job Opportunities & Resume Circulation: Links

Job opportunities publication and resume circulation have become a significant program within The National Defense Committee because it is so strongly supportive of all our fellow military veteran warriors, both those who are transitioning from active duty to their 1st private sector job in anywhere from 5 to 35 years AND/OR because it is also strongly supportive to those of us who have been in the civilian world for several years and want to shift our Career #2 or Career #3 job or even shift industries. There is no better way to accomplish either of these than to make sure your fellow National Defense Committee fellow military veterans are aware of what you seek to do and that you are available to do so. If our broad membership of military veterans is not aware of military veteran job opportunities that fit your qualifications, background, experience and credentials, then they likely do not exist.

Given the above comments and the fact that this facet of the National Defense Committee continues to grow and expand, we are regularly adding new “branches” to these programs as indicated by the links below, and the plan is to continue to do so as new and helpful information and data becomes available that can be of help to NDC Members looking for private sector employment and Career #2—- or #3 or #4. We’re also expanding our strategic partnerships with the various executive search firms that from time to time are looking for “the military veterans” to fill a position that calls for military-related qualifications, experience, and credentials. In this regard we have included details regarding job search advice from Kenneth J. Cole, a retired military officer with decades of expertise and experience in the executive search profession and successful searches for over 300+ clients now in positions with an average compensation of $470,000. Just click on the link below to read several of Ken Cole’s “advice columns” that he writes regarding the executive search profession and advice to job seekers in the executive search category.